Rust Prevention and Restoration
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Rust Prevention and Restoration
The Shop presents Rust Solutions and Gas Tank Repair Prevent or Kill Rust, Repair your Gas Tank, Sandblasters
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Rust Prevention and Restoration

"TANK SEALER": is a high quality one part gas tank sealer & is not affected by gasahol, diesel, racing fuel, alcohol, fuel additives or octane boosters . No boiling out of tank is required. After use your tank is permanently sealed. 1 quart will do up to a 20 gallon tank. Stops rust & seals pinhole leaks first time & every time.

"TANK SEALER": our sloshing sealer actually creates a full permanent fuel resistant tank liner in your fuel tank. This is a one part product that requires no mixing and is compounded with special rust inhibitors for a long lasting repair.


"TANK SEALER": seals rust, pinholes, seams and leaks permanently. Bonds to all metal tanks & is simple to use. This is the best gas tank sealer money can buy.

Thousands of satisfied customers have used our sealer

"THE SHOP" gas tank sealer not only saves that irreplaceable tank but stops fuel contamination problems. No more worrying about what's getting in your fuel lines, filters and engine. Clean fuel from now on is a guarantee.

1 quart will treat up to a 20 gallon tank.

Rust Prevention and Restoration
Pint (16oz), Retail $25.95 Our Price: $19.95
Quart, Retail $39.95 Our Price: $30.50

Rust Prevention and Restoration
Rust Prevention and Restoration, Gas Tank Sealer, Sandblaster
Rust Prevention and Restoration
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